Our Strategic Business Units

PCMed is subdivided into strategic business units (SBU); namely Corporate and Educational. Corporate SBU caters to the niche market of corporate clients by helping them explore unlimited opportunities of improving their IT systems and cutting down expenses. On the other hand, Educational SBU focuses on promoting cutting edge technology program in the learning institutions and universities to equip Filipinos with the right tools to be globally competitive. The individual function of each business unit is as follows:

  1. Corporate SBU – PCM Program: As a leading player and one of the pioneers in the industry, PCMed implements Preventive and Contingency Measures program whereby PCMed designs, manages, and supports the most complex and overall corporate IT systems and infrastructures to ensure business process integrity, performance, and reliability.

  2. Educational SBU – SITE Program: SITE program stands for System Integration and Technology Enhancement. With our global affiliation to top multinational organizations and country’s best private university, industry IT experts, and leading IT professors, and international training centers like USA, United Kingdom, Australia, & Canada, we offer the highest quality and most comprehensive program to our constituents that are beyond comparison to our competitors.

  • Mission
    Not only to meet, but surpass all the IT needs and expectations of our valued clients.

  • Vision:
    To sustain our leadership and innovation spirit in the country and build the reputation of the Filipinos as world-class Tech-Savvy people for the world to recognize.

  • Values
    We are committed to add value to our clients thru innovative solutions implemented with total integrity, quality, and professionalism.
    We continuously promote synergistic approach in our relationships with all our clients and constituents.
    We believe in continuous improvement thru the use of advanced technology and the unlimited power of human resourcefulness.

  • Philosophy
    On Accountability – We stick to the idea of holding ourselves accountable to the results of our products and services and thus affording our clients the highest quality of customer satisfaction level.
    On Total Quality Management – We assure our valued clients with our strict compliance to quality management programs by doing the right things the first time and every time.
    On Sustainability – We have the most cost-effective business operations and innovative systemic program that ensure our long term sustainable growth and industry competitive edge to guarantee the well-being of our valued clients with long term dependable partnership.

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